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General provisions : the resolved(allowed) technical actions on a degree of rigidity are divided(shared) into four categories (version) - DRAKA - 1, DRAKA - 2, DRAKA - 3, DRAKA - 4 . The choice of the version of fight (a degree of rigidity) is stipulated промоутером with both fighters in the contract

Place of realization of duels : a standard boxing ring.

Participants of duels : sportsmen of the high level from various styles and schools of fighting arts of the world, io18 till 35 years.

Weight categories : weight categories are accepted twenty one.

The formula and the status of a duel : from 4 up to 12 roundes for 2 minutes of pure(clean) time and 1 minute on rest between roundes. The quantity(amount) of roundes depends on the status (rank) of fight.

The form of clothes - a naked torso, blinkers, barefoot, boxing gloves, капа and a bandage.




The version FIGHT - 1, the first degree of rigidity :

· boxing engineering of hands in full;

· circular impact by a hand from a turn ;

· impact by a hand in a head with capture of a leg of attacking contender in dynamics(changes);

· impacts by legs in a head, the case and on legs, are higher than a knee (outside and from within);

· cuttings, low throws in dynamics(changes), not lifting the contender are higher than a belt(zone);

· captures and throws of the contender, turned a back;

· the captures, no more than two seconds.

The version FIGHT - 2, the second degree of rigidity:

· impacts by legs on all length of legs both outside, and from within are in addition resolved;

· highly peak throws

· engineering judo and sambo-wrestling in full, in the rack;

· captures about five seconds.

The version FIGHT - 3, the third degree of rigidity:

· impacts by kneesin the case and in a head, without captures are in addition resolved.

The version FIGHT - 4, the fourth degree of rigidity:

· the engineering of fight is in addition authorized муай -thaw in full;

· engineering judo , джиу - джитсу and sambo-wrestling in full in an orchestra

· suffocating receptions, painful on hands and on legs;

· captures in the rack no more than five seconds, in an orchestra no more than ten seconds.


· Impacts in a nape, a throat, a neck, a backbone, a groin, direct impacts on joints;

· To turn a back to the opponent with the purpose to be protected, substitute under impact a nape, a back;

· Deliberate impacts on the opponent turned a back, fallen or touched floor the third point;

· Any actions after a command(team) "STOP", a gong or свистка the grown-up of the judge;

· Captures more than two ( five) seconds in the rack;

· Captures more than ten seconds and any impacts in an orchestra;

· Impacts by a head to bite, be scratched, deliberately to throw the contender on a head;

· To fall on the contender in the weight or to press down his(its) shoulder, an elbow;

· At поднимании to lean(base) on the lying contender;

· Any other actions promoting display of disrespect for the contender or drawing to it(him) of unjustified traumas;

· Is conscious to injure the opponent during realization of painful and suffocating receptions;

· To rub a body, except for the person, with creams, vaseline, ointments, except for warming up ointments, наносимых on injured parts of a body.


Estimation of technical actions

One очко : impact by a hand in a head or the case; a kick in a head or on legs; безамплитудный a throw with falling or контрбросок with перекатом in dynamics(changes), to that who appeared from above, during two seconds from the moment of falling; impact by a knee in a head or the case; impact by an elbow in a head or the case; when to the contender the first officialremark is declared. Two очка : a kick in the case; безамплитудный a throw, контрбросок when throwing(stopping) remains on legs; a peak throw when
throwing(stopping) falls on the contender; falling of one of sportsmen, even without intervention of the contender, who costs(stands) to that on legs; to the contender the second official remark is declared.

Three points : single impact by a hand or a leg by the resolved(allowed) part of a body, remaining on legs after which the opponent falls or concerns a floor the third point; peak, effective under the discretion of the referee, a throw when throwing(stopping) remains on legs;

Preschedule victory in a round : the contender has received two нокдауна in a round, under the discretion of the referee; at the announcement to the opponent of the official prevention(warning).

Preschedule victory in fight : a knockout, a technical knockout; successfully carried out(spent) suffocating or painful reception on a hand, a leg of the contender; in a case when one of sportsmen has lost ability to be protected, under the discretion of the referee;

three нокдауна in succession, under the discretion of the referee; in a kind of removal of the contender the second or the doctor.

Revealing of the winner

The winner in a round considers боец , typed(collected) the greatest quantity(amount) of points due to the various,

resolved(allowed), technical actions, including due to the points added in his(its) active for infringements, admitted(allowed) by his(its) opponent, according to notes of lateral judges. The winner in fight considers боец , gained the greatest quantity(amount) of roundes. In a case drawn games wins боец if to his(its) opponent during fight the official remark or the prevention(warning) was declared, in case of absence of the prevention(warning) or their equality against both бойцов , on the least weight or a drawn
game in opinion of judges. In case of unintentional foul blow or action after which the opponent, by definition of the doctor, is not capable to continue fight, the victory is awarded to the that sportsman at which at present more glasses, at equality of glasses the winner is defined(determined) by the least quantity(amount) of penal glasses, at equality on weight or a drawn game in opinion of judges.



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