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                                                                                                                           RUSSIAN VERSION


…Out of history of formation

Searching and work of the enthusiast group of battle skills from the former USSR has resulted in appearing of professional free sparring “DRAKA” at the support and participation of veterans of antiterror group “Alfa”.

In 1991 in Moscow the Rules and Norms of Professional Free Sparring were drawn up and the same year the Constitutive Documents of the International Federation of professional Free Sparring were prepared.

In 1992 further work on creation of a new professional kind of sport continued in the USA . Russians from the Far East who arrived in California took the initiative in holding the First Tournament in accordance with the rules of free sparring.

After the tournament the athletic association of California took on interest in the Rules which let the representatives practically kind of contact fighting's meet at the ring and which provide for respective safety of participants and amazement of the battles.

President of the International Federation of professional free sparring Igor Ejov at the support of veterans of antiterror group “Alfa” and president of the League of professional Sport East frightens Ęűđăűçňŕíŕ Alexander Voinov spent five years on the formation of appropriate documents, creation of the International Federation “DRAKA” and receiving the license for caring out of professional battles under “DRAKA” version.

From 1997 to 1998 in Los Angeles were hold six tournaments among professionals of the highest level on kik- boxing, tai- boxing, from more then 17 countries of the world including from Russia (Vladivostok,Habarovsk, Omsk, Mahachkala, Buynaksk); the first winners World Champion belts appeared.

In 1997 veterans of antiterror group “Alfa” took the initiative in creation of Russian professional sport Federation “DRAKA” and a number of steps on propaganda of rules and main principals of a new kind of professional sport.

On 27 July 1999 in Moscow the historical event took place in Tsvetnoy Bulivar in the circus –“DRAKA” returned to Russia, the first championship of Russia and Euro Asia among professionals under World Federation “DRAKA” version took place.

Certificate about the registration of magazine “DRAKA” in the Ministry of RF on print, teleradio broadcasting and mass media was received on 10 January 2000 .

During 2000-2004 several tournaments under “DRAKA” among professionals took place in Las Vegas (Hotel-casino “Orleans”), capital of word professional sport and a number of tournaments were carried out in some regions of Russian Federation among professionals and amateurs.